Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here.  I guess Facebook and the other social networks stole the show as most of the people playing here are already on Facebook.

Well, we just had the Rudder Room 4th of July tournament for 2016.  We had a good turnout in terms of number of players but lacked more of the top players to fill out the teams.  We had 7 teams.  Rose Rahn, my dear friend, ran the show and I "helped".  In this case I helped screw up the draw leaving a couple teams lacking their top players.  Next year we'll have all that worked out so the teams are more equal.

Here are a few photos of the finals and the great venue of the Rudder Room.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming in the new year 2013

2012 went by way too soon.  I'm just glad my advancing age has nothing to do with it.  I missed posting anything about the 50th Anniversary Tournament the Rudder Room hosted, as well as not getting any photos.  My bad.  I will ask around and see if I can come up with some photos for a late entry.

Old School Beach Volleyball

From time to time I play the New School game at San Pedro St in Ventura,  but for the most part, I prefer the Old School game.  As the men play mostly Old School volleyball here at the Rudder Room I thought I'd include the  1988 California Beach Volleyball rule book.  This has come up several times, what was the rule back in the hay day of the AVP.  So it may come in handy for those still playing Old School volleyball, the real game, in my opinion.  As the continued change to the rules for beach volleyball degrade the game and promote the loss of it's roots,  it is my hope that the old school game will see a resurgence and bring the game back to the players who started it in the first place.

See ya on the beach

:) John

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just a short update to the July 4th Rudder Room 4-man draw tournament.  We had great weather, 5 teams, and lots of fun.  Some of the regulars at the 4th of July tourney were out of town and couldn't make the event though.  They were missed so maybe next year.  A special thanks to Jimmy Neuens for covering the tournament directors position.  He made things go smoothly even though he was participating too. 

So the winning team was Bill Major, Tessa Reeder, Garrett Bell, and Montana Beifuss, beating the team of Tim Harris, Lita Leovy, John Moore, and Kirk Hoffman, who hadn't lost a game yet and had beaten them in pool play.   They tuned up their team and came back red hot in the finals.  And it was a hard fought final.  The wining team  earned a cool hundred bucks.  Congrats to the winners !!

Thanks to Brad Golemon, one of the regulars who was in town but didn't get to play, we got a couple pictures.  I sort of dropped the ball and missed getting a shot or two of the winning team. 

Thanks to all who participated.  We hope to see you next year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer time and the Rudder Room is HOT !!

Haven't had time to post up the latest in awhile, so here goes.

We got the courts graded !!  Yup, on the 16th of April, Gold Coast's Georgie got the area flat again.  We will probably have to grade again if the weather remains as windy as it was last year.  But it won't be as bad the second time.

Here is Scotty mashing another ball up the middle.  He jumps WAY too high.  What a rally killer :)

And check out the new Rudder Room 50th Anniversary t-shirts.  They are on sale now for 20 bucks.  Get em while they last :)  (photo by Machii ) 

Ok, that's the brief update.  And remember to come out and play.  But this is not the practice game on the little court.  This is real volleyball, OLD SCHOOL, big court, sideout scoring with the Spalding 18 ball !!  Only the strong survive :)

See ya on the beach


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas

Fun morning of volleyball at the Rudder Room this morning. John Hodgkins, just back from Iraq, made the line up, hungry for some beach volleyball action. He showed very little ring rust winning several games with Scottie. After some mens games John, his GF Abby, Lisa, and myself played some reverse coed which is always a tough call since the serve is so dang hard to pass on the ladies net. Fun times.

I didn't follow the mens games as I was taking some pictures and playing the coed games. Someone add the won lost column in the comments please. Here's some pictures of the action...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rudder Room court grading update

Ok, the courts have been graded. Goldcoast finished up yesterday. Today I did the remaining sand moving by hand, like around the posts, and put up the first court. I'll get the other courts up in the morning, Friday by the latest. The courts look good.

The 4th of July draw tournament is on now. Sign up is 8-9am. I hope we have a good turn out this year as last year didn't work out.

See ya on the beach


Friday, April 29, 2011

Ball Stop Fence

I'd like to announce the addition of a new ball stop fence for the courts. Several of the players kicked in to fund the development and manufacture of this fence. It is made by West Coast Netting, the maker of most beach volleyball nets on the West coast. Originally, I thought I'd make this fence like the familiar orange, plastic one you see up at our courts from time to time. I made that one from a dumpster find and a little pvc pipe. It is beginning to break now, probably from exposure to the sun. But the quality of the plastic fencing available now and cost drove me to look elsewhere. I designed this fence on CAD software and emailed a copy to WCN for a quote. To my surprise they gave me a quote of about 80 dollars which includes shipping. That was competitive with the low quality orange plastic fence. The fence is 2' high by 50' long. One fence across the end of the court should protect the ball from rolling in to the rocks or harbor. It takes a couple weeks to have one made and shipped here. Let me know if you want one or more and I'll order them.

See ya on the beach


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rudder Room courts graded

Ok, we're back to flat. Georgie, the sandlady, graded the courts Tuesday, 25Jan11, taking the crown off the North side of the courts and in front of Rita's. We may have to grade again before the 4th of July Tournament. As usual, the grading is funded by donations from the players and other appreciative Rudder Room customers.

You can give me your donations directly or mail them in to this address, 3600 Harbor Blvd # 511, Oxnard, Ca. 93035

Here's some pictures of the grading work too.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Tournament 2010 (not)

Well, sadly, the 4th of July tournament didn't materialize this year. It was a little drizzly, it was hard to get to the Rud due to the race staging on Harbor Blvd., maybe had something to do with it, but at any rate, the expected teams didn't make the trip. Too bad, but we had some fun games just the same. Sue, Tim Harris, Bonnie, Jimmy, Diego, Bill, Diane, and myself got in several fun coed games and a few 3 on 3 games as well. Lita, Patti, Mary, and Jackie got in some girl games too. Jimmy's neighbors, Kevin and Brooke, got in to the action with their dog coming in to set :) Here's some pics of the RR scene. I'm sure the fireworks will be starting early ...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Volleyball court grading update

Yea, we are back to flat courts. Everything fell together nicely to set the stage to get the courts graded last week. The wind wreaked havoc all along VC beaches, but it seemed particularly damaging at the Rudder Room. A Snowy Plover nested right off the women's court making grading questionable at best. But on Sunday, 23May10, the biologist checking the nest revealed that the nest had been abandoned and the fencing would be coming down. On Tuesday Georgie the Sandlady called that she would be finishing up a job on Oxnard Shores and could grade the courts. On Wednesday morning I pulled the nets and lines, and she went to work. And work she did. By around 5 o'clock she had the sand pulled back and ready for the nets and lines to go back up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick update

The sand drifts at the Rudder Room are the biggest I've seen. The second court is the only one ready to go as of today. The 3rd court, the women's court, has lost a lot of sand on the outside. Gold Coast sand moving has been contacted and the plan is to grade it some time next week. Here's a few photos.

Here's a video clip of Marvin Kelsch demonstrating one of his serves. I'm going to put up several serves demonstrated by Tim Mays and Jill Muhe also.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday games

We had two courts of mens games this morning and the 4's group on the outside court. It was overcast all morning with only a couple peaks of sunshine, but still it was a pretty good day at the Rud. Tim and I played John and Joe to start things off. We had lots of fun rallies but ended up losing. That was kind of a good thing cause I got to take videos of the next game. I tried to compile all the clips in one video this time and it worked out pretty good for my first try. This is John/Joe vs Diego/Scott. I didn't do too well with adding the transitions though.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Rudder Room day

What a day at the Rudder Room. The weather has been great this whole week. We are truly blessed (and lucky). John Beifuss claimed his second WF today. (that's "winning factor", a designation given the person who was on the winning team every time) We "round robin" teams, that is, change team members each game. I think we played at least 6 games today. I think I played all but one, having played earlier with the girls at 9am. I started out the men's games with John playing against Scott Wright and Bob Huelskamp. Scott is just getting back into beach ball after several years away from the game, but you'd never know it. He is way too quick to take lightly. He had some great digs.

We should start thinking about hosting a tournament or two this spring. We usually get a tournament up for the 4th of July. I think a coed tournament would be fun too as we have some terrific local women players who are only seen on the bigger events like the AVP and Great Western tours.

There is a really good site I came by the other day on Facebook, which offers instructional videos and stuff. The Rudder Room is now on Facebook too !! So, check it out too and maybe talk it up about the upcoming tournament ideas.

See ya on the beach